valparai weather in december

Thu, 3 December +17°C...+21°C. Extended weather forecast for Valparai, Tamil nadu: Get the 15 days forecast for Valparai along with current weather situation. During the monsoon season, it is dangerous to travel through this route because landslides occur often. Daily low temperatures are around 60°F, rarely falling below 55°F or exceeding 64°F. The average hourly temperature, color coded into bands. Average Weather in December in Valparai India. Are you planning a holiday with hopefully nice weather in Valparai in November 2021? The black line is the percentage chance that a given day is within the growing season. The average daily incident shortwave solar energy in Valparai is essentially constant during December, remaining within 0.2 kWh of 5.4 kWh throughout. Wed, 2 December +16°C...+18°C. Valparai Weather. Present Temperature in Valparai. The lowest daily average high temperature i Lowest temperature in Valparai is recorded as 66.2℉ in January and December. The data used in these monthly averages covers a period of over 100 years right up until last year. [email protected] These times of year are the busiest with tourists. The estimated value at Valparai is computed as the weighted average of the individual contributions from each station, with weights proportional to the inverse of the distance between Valparai and a given station. December to January & March to May is Peak Season in Valparai. Daytime maximum temperatures average around a muggy 26°C (79°F), whilst at night 17°C (62°F) is normal. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 58°F to 86°F and is rarely below 54°F or above 91°F. Get the monthly weather forecast for Valparai, Tamil Nadu, India, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Shortwave radiation includes visible light and ultraviolet radiation. The route to Valparai from Chalakkudy for bikes is blocked till further notice (No problem for 4 wheelers). We base the humidity comfort level on the dew point, as it determines whether perspiration will evaporate from the skin, thereby cooling the body. Valparai is noted well not only because of it's tea estates , the ultimate climate makes this place a touring spot. Temperature (°C) 19.9 21.1 22.7 23.5 23.6 Over the course of December in Valparai, the length of the day is essentially constant. Valparai is located near a large body of water (e.g., ocean, sea, or large lake). Night and early mornings were chill. From bottom (most yellow) to top (most gray), the color bands indicate: full daylight, twilight (civil, nautical, and astronomical), and full night. Daytime maximum temperatures average around a muggy 26°C (79°F), whilst at night 17°C (62°F) is normal. The average hourly wind speed in Valparai is gradually increasing during December, increasing from 4.3 miles per hour to 4.8 miles per hour over the course of the month. For reference, on June 6, the muggiest day of the year, there are muggy conditions 99% of the time, while on January 17, the least muggy day of the year, there are muggy conditions 16% of the time. The climate in Valparai during December can be summarized as warm, humid and reasonably dry. Weather Valparai today, July 17 Weather Valparai tomorrow, July 18. The percentage of time spent in each cloud cover band, categorized by the percentage of the sky covered by clouds. Best time to visit Masinagudi is Winters and Onset of summers, December to May. படம். December is in the winter in Valparai and is typically the 2nd coldest month of the year. The month of December in Valparai experiences gradually decreasing cloud cover, with the percentage of time that the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy decreasing from 63% to 55%. Within 50 miles also contains extreme variations in elevation (8,812 feet). Summer: The summers tween March to May, wherein the temperatures go really high.The city experiences very heavy showers during this season. Height: 1200 to 1600m above mean sea plane warmth 0-30°C (Summer 15-25°C, winter 0-10°C) Rainfall: Monsoon – June to August (350-500cm) Best time to visit: September to May Languages: Tamil, Malayalam, and English. We were there in December when it was pleasantly sunny to warm during the day even on days when it was overcast; half sleeves are fine. This reanalysis combines a variety of wide-area measurements in a state-of-the-art global meteorological model to reconstruct the hourly history of weather throughout the world on a 50-kilometer grid. Valparai, India Current weather report, Valparai, India, Tamil Nadu, India Hour by hour 10 Day Weather Forecast, Historical Weather, Weather Animated Map, holiday weather forecast and more. During summer forest fires can occur and the temperatures are high. The average surface water temperature in Valparai is essentially constant during December, remaining around 84°F throughout. The percentage of days in which various types of precipitation are observed, excluding trace quantities: rain alone, snow alone, and mixed (both rain and snow fell in the same day). For reference, on June 21, the windiest day of the year, the daily average wind speed is 9.0 miles per hour, while on March 26, the calmest day of the year, the daily average wind speed is 3.5 miles per hour. The topography within 2 miles of Valparai contains very significant variations in elevation, with a maximum elevation change of 1,047 feet and an average elevation above sea level of 3,631 feet. The average growing degree days accumulated over the course of December, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. The daily average high (red line) and low (blue line) temperature, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. The vertical gray bars (new Moons) and blue bars (full Moons) indicate key Moon phases. On average December is the 4th driest month of the year in Valparai with around 68mm 2.7 inches of rain making it a reasonably dry time to visit. Elevation data comes from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) , published by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It is 19.9 °C | 67.8 °F. Daylight saving time is not observed in Valparai during 2021. The time in which the moon is above the horizon (light blue area), with new moons (dark gray lines) and full moons (blue lines) indicated. The day, twilights (civil, nautical, and astronomical), and night are indicated by the color bands from yellow to gray.

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