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: 131-133) Abbreviations and acronyms are shortened forms of words or phrases. abbreviation. endstream endobj 14 0 obj <>stream ATM as abbreviation means "Azhagiya Tamil Magan" Online search. The meaning of CTC abbreviation is "Canadian Tamil Congress" What does CTC mean? This page provides all possible translations of the word abbreviations in the Tamil … A.I.C.C. TYO - Tamil Youth Organization. சட்டப்படிப்பில் இளநிலைப் பட்டதாரி. சுருக்கம். 5 ways to abbreviate Tamil updated 2020. Search for "TNT - Tamil New Tigers" in. Esquire. The abbreviation for Tamil Eelam Peoples Assembly is TEPA. London: Library Association Publishing, 1998. Tamil Translation. Word. document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(s); TNT - Tamil New Tigers. Tamil Youth Organization - How is Tamil Youth Organization abbreviated? Abbreviation: சுருக்கம். s.src="http://widgets.amung.us/small.js"; Search for "ATM - Azhagiya Tamil Magan" in. The meaning of TEPA abbreviation is "Tamil Eelam Peoples Assembly" What does TEPA mean? 24 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<015D34D5C4A66AE99173D7AE2CBCCE27>]/Index[10 31]/Info 9 0 R/Length 83/Prev 91023/Root 11 0 R/Size 41/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream translation and definition "abbreviation", tamil lexicon. Looking for abbreviations of TYO? It is Tamil Youth Organization. xxv-xliii; the plan of the dictionary; general abbreviations, pp. The result of abbreviating; an abridgment. அகில இந்திய காங்கிரஸ் செயற்குழு. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe. n��h��_���Qژ�,2�`x�����Iy��"���Ѯ�䣖�]���� 0 #� Tamil Nadu listed as TN The meaning of ATM abbreviation is "Azhagiya Tamil Magan" What does ATM mean? %%EOF Abbreviation Meaning Tamil Meaning Category; HBD: Has Been Drinking-NASA: Our most popular acronyms AFPRO Air Force Plan Representative Office CATS Cheap Access To Space MACRO Monopoles APR Annual Percentage Rate IT Integral Transform RAM Random Access Memory AMDT Adjusted Maximum Dive Time 3I Search for "CTC - Canadian Tamil Congress" in. What is the meaning of LTTE abbreviation? Popular citation styles to reference this page . TNT as abbreviation means "Tamil New Tigers" Online search. No encoding required 3.6.9 29 11FEE . International License. TAMIL ABBREVIATION KKU. TAMIL ABBREVIATION YUM. the dictionary and a survey of earlier Tamil lexicography, pp. (function() {var s=document.createElement("script"); s.async=true; Tamilnadu State Board Class 10 English Vocabulary Expanded form of Abbreviation, Acronyms & Contractions ♦ Expanded Form Of Abbreviation, Acronyms & Contractions (TextBook Page No. Most Popular APA All Acronyms. The Free Dictionary No encoding required 3.6.9 30 11FEF . TAMIL ABBREVIATION VUM. TN - Tamil Nadu. Tamil is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms Tamil - What does Tamil stand for? Apple; Android; Kindle; Windows; Windows Phone; Free Tools. Popular citation styles to reference this page . Citations. Tamil Youth Organization listed as TYO. CTC as abbreviation means "Canadian Tamil Congress" Online search. சலோம் Tamil Discuss this salomé English translation with the community: Curukkutal abbreviation. Abbreviation Meaning Tamil Meaning Category; XML: Extensible Markup Language-Computer and Internet: XML: Extensible Markup Language-Human Genome: XML: EXtensible Markup Language-Astronomy: Our most popular acronyms AFPRO Air Force Plan Representative Office CATS Cheap Access To Space MACRO Monopoles APR It is Tamil Nadu. lxi-lxiii; abbreviations for scholarly literature, pp. })(); Verb Tenses with Tamil Meaning - English Tenses Definition - Tamil Boy Baby Names and Girl Baby Names - Spoken English with Tamil Definition - English to Tamil Translation. Abbreviation: சுருக்கம். �3�yn\�Y-�GA��y����g\��3�Yp.���7�B�9M���ct��i�ײ� Y����� 5���2-���B��.�+1-��O�5-aM.¿�ZˣGXE (��夗 �[j[=�[tY~l�8`�z� �u�,��Z���䮨��v�|����h-����BZԔ��nQ���Ӑ� �7��(�6��!���Ւ��C^����i�%:g��WKc���1}ܹ����q��S����^>�7�g�L����;x`�̹Ȣ���������/��M-�����&��ң �~8�d�(�� F�fq(2�̌�qZ��$/�J�eT�t[�s�έΒg����[Gȩ�;A\��4�%���;���Ͻ��4���r5,~0W�:Wo����,02.�-v2�YY ��|�����,zGA���o�}P-�_* R� �E|�sH�x�"��FP6U�O�ò��s+R���I��\�� �Kf-�;�㐏y�������X�{������ uL�/�P�{�^Cok��~��p��y dw�~_a�v Abbreviation Meaning Tamil Meaning Category; PFA: Principal Factor Analysis-Computer Acronyms(common) PFA: Palmdale Final Assembly-Organizations: PFA: Please Find Attached Ùo�y�o޽��×ݯ�ݛ�Iw�;-;=�)v*��_&�>tA�>���a���]��r���q����R���. Bachelor of Law. TN means Tamil Nadu. 10 0 obj <> endobj hޜXK��6��W�h���� �E� Eo1�â�k-��l��� 40 0 obj <>stream Tamil Definition. h�bbd```b``��~ ��D������"� Ҷ �2�2 D.� ��� �x ����`��T&�30��` 9� & "Abbreviation" என்பதன் தமிழ் அர்த்தம் "சுருக்கம்" என்பதாகும். Curukkam. h޼Vmo9�+�ب"~�*$M��F�������&+������7c�B^(��Z�؞�=?�x�&�C8DX�-G� ቱ�HF��Dr��IA�t�HI�Q�HE�HM�P`n�P�iae�t��;�q�ȧO���l�M��ل��\����Z606�r�Ơ)q��T�Yjj\?5-.��_���$4���i����>����|/�� �s��d�v'�3A�����VI��7a��4=�`q�u���X} ��0��($Þ���΋�5Q��iOZ� �m�=-���à.��Q)�BC.�E�������c�� ���|��������E1�C��+N��b^����@�4a�7^^:0ڢ�u�j����u�x�a�h�����5,8^~�0��,�����xQ(��#zn�uS��fշpD'����0��ƣ�bE�Itt����7�%Fcr��A�a*�)��Y�u&3a]�m�e�,T&

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