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They all seem barren compared to Karl Richter’s intensity with Ernst Haefliger singing eevagelist, Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. Notes at the Bach Museum in Leipzig contain complaints by his contemporaries suggesting that he was too easy on the pupils in his care, who, instead of doing their studies in the evening, ran wild through the streets. IHS 89 Key G Dorian mode Year/Date of Composition Y/D of Comp. Endless critical appraisals, from the academic to the heartfelt, including an unlikely appreciation by a London Muslim who says that the work is so “devastating” in its power that even non-Christians can find meaning in it. In the end, perhaps it is Bach’s insistence on reminding us of this “whole Gospel” that gives his Passion such depth. Bach revised the piece considerably several times, but the final performance during his lifetime, in 1749, was similar in form to the first version. Whether a singer in the choir, or as a listener, we are thus drawn into the story. Fast forwarding to 2014, the same seems to have happened to one of the best-known music critics of our time, Alex Ross, who attended a performance of the Passion by the Berlin Philharmonic that year and was so deeply affected by it that he wrote an entire piece about the concert in the normally cynical-witty pages of The New Yorker. The solo vocal and multipart choral styles of Italian Baroque music were strongly influential in Germany. Scholars now agree that an early version was first heard two years earlier, a second version in 1729, a further revised version in 1736 and a final one – the one we hear today – in 1742. 1: No. The available information derives from extant early manuscripts, contemporary publications of the libretto, … It is almost miraculous that the complete renaissance of Bach’s music which took place after 1829 was due to the performance of a work that had been quite forgotten yet is regarded today as one of his most complex and profound creations of Western music. Bach’s St Matthew Passion this evening and it is particularly special to be finally performing this great work given the unexpected weather that forced us to cancel this event in March 2018. Notizen zur Matthäus-Passion In his notes for the original LP set, Sir David justified his deliberate departures from ‘the so-called authentic type of performance’, despite advances in Bach scholarship and a plethora of top-notch period performances. 3. At the Bach House in Eisenach, where he was born and raised, numerous Bibles, hymnals, and multi-volume works by Martin Luther (in some cases heavily marked in the margins) attest to the fact that he had more than a passing interest in theology, and that he took his faith seriously. Highlights to look out for are the alto aria ‘Buss Und Reu’ (‘Penance And Remorse’), one for soprano, ‘Blute Nur, Du Liebes Herz! Driving some friends to the train the other day – they were headed to Leipzig for a performance of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion in the church where he composed it – it struck me that Bach is everywhere at this time of year, at least here in his home state of Thuringia. Each of these performances sold out quickly, despite tickets ranging from $30 to $80 apiece. Sir David Willcocks’ 1978 recording for Decca is the only version currently available in English. German language This week we’ll explore music inspired by Good Friday and Easter, both sacred and secular. Has anything else lasted, culturally speaking, from 1727 to the present? The story was arranged by Christian Friedrich Henrici, a postal official in the city who wrote verses using the pseudonym of Picander. Programme Notes - Musical Director (St Matthew Passion) Posted: 25th February 2019 For the concert on 9 March 2019: It is a privilege to welcome you to our performance of J.S. J. S. Bach: Leben und Werk, Bd. From there to the end [of the performance], many of us were in a trance, out of which the chorus jolted us with one last unexpected gesture: in the silence after the final chord, the singers turned…and stared outward, with cold, expectant glances. In 1707 he married a second cousin, Maria Barbara, and had seven children. Days before, I had arranged tickets for two other groups who plan to attend performances in the vicinity; and come April, the yearly Bach-Wochen (“Bach Weeks”) will be drawing musicians and music-lovers from around the globe for an overwhelming smorgasbord of offerings put on by local conservatories, churches, choirs, and orchestras. In the best recordings, these nuances are taken into account, avoiding the tedious delivery that so many people unfairly (but understandably) associate with chorales; in fact, their delivery will be appropriately varied, according to the context. In St. Matthew Passion as in his other choral works, Bach devised specific “tone pictures” or “musical pictures” to help deliver his narrative. There was a lot to copy: during his life Bach wrote some 250 cantatas, plus scores of sonatas, concertos, trios, oratorios, masses, motets, keyboard exercises and variations. Just at this point, Bach interrupts the narrative to insert the chorale “’Tis I who am most guilty,” a stark reminder that the real responsibility for Christ’s betrayal is not Judas’s alone, but that each of us must bear our part. Again, it doesn’t just describe Good Friday, but invites everyone to participate in remembering it, and thereby relive (for example) the emotions of the anxious, tired, or faithless disciple, the watcher in the crowd, or Christ’s grieving mother. Like operas, though, oratorios do have casts. The music is seductive, even voluptuous. Our vocation is a life of service to God, each other, and you.

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