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If planning to attend Pierce College, click here. Such a policy is in effect regardless of the student's age or financial dependency upon the parent/guardian. Private school students can have dual enrollment at both private and public high schools for access to Running Start classes. College tuition for eligible classes is covered through Running Start. Additional procedural specificity is available on the form. Additional information regarding the hearing procedures will be provided to the student when notified of the right to a hearing. Students should contact the department from which they are seeking credits for professional certification and license fee information. CLEP and DSST testing is available through the Pierce College at Joint Base Lewis-McChord National Test Centers. Students should recognize that college credits are usually useful to them only if the credits are a required part of the major or certificate program in which they are actively engaged. See a Running Start advisor for more information. College credits may be awarded for professional certifications and licenses earned by the student if the organization providing the training program is recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE), international, federal, state or local agencies, and the appropriate Pierce College academic department determines that the certification/license is college-equivalent learning. Students who transfer Washington 45 courses must still meet a receiving institution's admission requirements and eventually satisfy all their general education requirements and their degree requirements in major, minor and professional programs. Pass/no pass grades are not computed in the GPA. Credit will be awarded on the basis of official IB results, not transcript notation. Credit will be awarded for the college-level learning gained from these experiences, not from experiences only. Only the highest grade earned will be calculated into the grade point average (GPA). Students may repeat a course to improve their grades; however, all grades will remain on the transcript. DSST exams assess learning outcomes for course content in business, humanities, math, physical science, social sciences and technology. 53.9 grade points divided by 18.0 credits = 2.99 GPA. Students have the responsibility to complete all materials required for admission and to submit the application on or before the published deadlines as applicable. Copyright © 1996 -2018 Pierce College District, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Public Services, Professional/Technical Degrees and Certificates, Non-Transfer Degrees and General Education, Center of Excellence for Homeland Security, Student Rights, Responsibilities and Code of Conduct. NOTE:  Although these courses are listed under categories, the actual course may satisfy a different general education category at a receiving institution. Students have the right to clear, accurate and current information about transfer admission requirements, transfer admission deadlines, degree requirements and transfer policies that include course equivalencies. Students returning from an Academic One-Quarter Dismissal whose quarterly and cumulative grade point averages are below 2.0 in any subsequent quarter will be notified and may be dismissed for four quarters subject to a Dean review. Students earn both high school and college credits for these courses. A legal name is the name that appears on a passport, driver's license, birth certificate or U.S. Social Security Card. District Title IX Coordinator Students should contact the department from which they are seeking credits for examination information. If the student's desired absence date is on a day when a test was scheduled or an assignment was due, the professor may require that the student take the test or submit the assignment before or after the regularly assigned date. The categories of assessment described below are most commonly used by Pierce College to determine whether or not students have met the learning outcomes for a particular course of program. Students may not appeal the Academic One-Quarter Dismissal. Consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student's education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. Pierce College reserves the right to automatically award degrees and certificates completed without student application. Home-schooled students will either enroll through their local public high school or school district. Running Start at Pierce College Running Start is a program that permits eligible juniors and seniors in high school to attend college while also completing high school graduation requirements. Celine is a first-year Running Start student at Pierce College Fort Steilacoom. GPA check at the completion of each quarter throughout entire pathway, 1.5 minimum GPA for all courses and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. The Running Start program at Pierce College prides itself in the relationships it has with the 34 different high schools. Students with questions regarding a class grade should contact the class instructor. Students have the right to: Exceptions which permit disclosure without written consent include: Pursuant to the Solomon Amendment, Pierce College is required to provide, upon request, the following information to representatives of the Department of Defense for military recruiting purposes for students 17 years of age or older: student's name, address, telephone listing, date of birth, level of education and academic major for currently enrolled students only. These credits cannot be used to fulfill a specific course requirement of any vocational program. The Pierce College District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, perceived or actual sensory, physical, or mental disability, pregnancy, genetic information, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, creed, religion, honorably discharged veteran or military status or use of a trained guide dog or service animal in its programs and activities. Please enable Javascript for full functionality. Complete a minimum of 24 credits from the Pierce College District after return. Students under 16 years of age can participate in Running Start if they have junior or senior high school status. Appeals and exceptions to this condition must be documented. As members of the academic community, students are encouraged to develop the capacity for critical judgment and to engage in an independent search for truth. Disclosure of those items the college designated as directory information. Shared Documents – Employees at Pierce may have documents they want to share with you. Students may receive Pierce College credit for up to two courses per quarter by successfully completing an examination on the course subject matter. Repeated courses will be received in accordance with the receiving institution and/or program's own requirements and policies. Students who encounter other transfer difficulties have the right to seek resolution. Students must re-register and pay all associated tuition and fees to repeat a course. This module is required viewing for students who will be attending Pierce College as a Running Start student. Students must write to the college official responsible for the record, clearly identify the part of the record they want changed and specify why it is inaccurate or misleading. When one year has elapsed from the time the grade was issued, the grade becomes a permanent part of the student's record. All members of the Pierce College community and visitors have the right to be free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. The list of Washington 45 courses does not replace the Direct Transfer Agreement, Associate of Science Tracks 1 and 2, nor does it guarantee admission to a four-year college. Each holiday taken under this policy must be taken as a whole day, i.e., the day may not be divided into hours. Earn the lesser of (at least) 20 college level credits or 25% of the credits applicable to the degree or certificate at Pierce College Cumulative college-level grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher is required 1.5 grade (C-) or better for all Core Requirement and … Running Start Book Loan – If you are a Running Start student, you can apply for and manage your book loans on this page. final exam, paper, etc.). You can find Students on Academic Concern whose quarterly grade point average is less than a 2.0 in any subsequent quarter will be notified and placed on Academic Alert. A maximum of 15 credits can be earned for a combination of all military service. In all these instances, the sending institution's requirements govern for that particular Communication Skills, Quantitative Skills or Distribution Requirement component. If the complaint is against that Coordinator, or if for some other reason a report cannot be made to the Coordinator, the complainant should report the matter to one of the alternate designees listed below. AP credits will be awarded as "P" grades on the Pierce College transcript and may be used to fulfill prerequisite and degree requirements. Students can simultaneously fulfill high school graduation requirements and earn college credits. Students will remain in the categories identified below to ensure continued student support through their academic journey and to monitor student progress. Running Start is a statewide college program for academically qualified juniors and senior high school students to enroll in courses to fulfill high school graduation requirements and earn college credit. This commitment applies to all levels and areas of operations and programs and is intended to ensure that all students and employees are provided equitable opportunities to realize their goals and to function safely and effectively within the Pierce College environment. ***Holiday observed at JBLM only. Benefits or eligibility may be reduced or lost due to course repetition. The first quarter in which the quarterly grade point average falls below 2.0, students will be notified and placed on Academic Concern. The grade appeal process encompasses informal, formal and appeal steps. Students who receive AP scores of 3, 4, or 5 in the approved subject areas will be granted AP credit at Pierce College. Each college may have a different timeline for this process. Complete the Guided Self Placement if planning to attend Pierce College. Pierce College may award academic credit based on results from the following assessment methods: Award of credit for non-traditional learning occurs when a student's prior learning outcomes are assessed and determined to be the equivalent of the learning outcomes attained upon completion of a Pierce College course or degree. For Pierce College District: Fort Steilacoom, Puyallup and Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), *No classes, college open A Withdrawal with Approved Excuse (WE), also referred to as an excused withdrawal or hardship withdrawal, is a grade recorded for a class from which a student has withdrawn or was unable to complete due to extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control. Want unlimited Practice for FREE? Traditional students are likely to have Running Start students in their classes. An assessment of prior learning occurs after enrollment at Pierce College. Once you are on the WAMAP Placement Review page: Students attending private schools must be evaluated as juniors and seniors by a public high school official and enroll at that school. All absences under this policy must be approved by the office of the Vice President for Learning and Student Success or the Executive Director of Pierce College at JBLM in advance of the absence. ACE recommended credits for each exam are listed in semester hours. 2. The Higher Education Act (HEA) prohibits an institution of higher education from engaging in a substantial misrepresentation of the nature of its educational program, its financial charges or the employability of its graduates. All amendments to a student's transcript shall be made by the Registrar's Office. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, running start pierce college puyallup will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves. Please verify dates with the colleges. Legal names, not preferred names, will appear on transcripts, diplomas, official student accounts and financial aid records, certification documents, student employment records and immigration/SEVIS documents. Persons who need assistance with problems related to drug or alcohol abuse are encouraged to use appropriate support agencies. The Pierce College District 11 Annual Security Report (ASR) is prepared in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act. Any violation of this policy may be reason for disciplinary action in accordance with the Pierce College Students Rights and Responsibilities/Student Conduct Code (WAC 132K-135). A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or higher for all college level Pierce College courses applicable to the degree or certificate. 253-912-2331 Running Start at Pierce College Running Start at Pierce College . Older logs are available for public inspection within two business days of request. Classes that a student successfully completed in a forgiven quarter with a 2.0 or higher will remain in the GPA/Credit calculations and will not be forgiven. Running Start is a program that allows 11th and 12th grade students to take college courses at Washington's 34 community and technical colleges. To change an address or phone number, go to the Pierce College MyPierce student portal. In response, the college will follow established practices and processes for reviewing its credit transfer decisions. Formal grade appeals must be initiated by a student within 30 instructional days, not including summer quarter, following the official posting of the grade by the college to the student's academic record. 4.0 GPA – Chancellor's List  To have credits from another institution officially transferred to Pierce, a student may complete a Transfer Credit Evaluation form. Admissions to Bellevue College is $21.00 and will be charged to your student account when your application is processed. Grade forgiveness can only be granted once. Pierce College is built in part because of Running Start student enrollment. Additional 5 credits in a different discipline can be taken from any category listed above. If the college decides not to amend the record as requested by the student, the college will notify the student of the decision and advise the student of their right to a hearing regarding the request for amendment. Experiential learning is college level learning that has been acquired through work experiences and self-study. pierce college running start puyallup provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. Other disclosures permissible without written consent include disclosure to: comply with a judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena; specified officials for audit or evaluation purposes; appropriate parties in connection with financial aid to a student; organizations conducting certain studies on behalf of the college; accrediting organizations; appropriate officials in cases of health and safety emergencies; state and local authorities, within a juvenile justice system, pursuant to a specific state law; victims of certain offenses, the final results of a disciplinary proceeding  regardless of the outcome; anyone in the final result of a campus disciplinary proceeding in which a violation of certain offenses occurred; parents of a student under age 21 who violates drug or alcohol laws or policies; and in connection with an emergency such as suicide risk, to appropriate persons if the knowledge of such information is necessary to protect the health and safety of the student or other persons. Students have an option to have one designated quarter only or the designated quarter and all previous quarters forgiven. Pierce College will grant a minimum elective credit for an International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level (HL) exam score of 5 or higher. Pierce College's grading system provides a permanent record student performance and achievement. National standardized tests, such as College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), Dantes Subject Standardized Test (DSST); Course challenges, including written, oral or demonstration assessments (developed by faculty); Prior experiential learning evidenced by a directed portfolio compilation that identifies applied learning outcomes mastered through a variety of experiences and is offered at the discretion of each department; and. This policy is not intended to limit lawful expression of intellectual inquiry or artistic expression; nor is it intended to restrict lawful expression in course content or department activities. We understand that there are a variety of issues that may come up, so we have provided a variety of options below. Admission to Pierce College carries with it the expectations that students shall conduct themselves as responsible members of the Pierce College community, observe the standards of conduct, respect the rights, privileges and property of other members of the academic community, maintain a high standard of integrity and honesty and not interfere with legitimate college business appropriate to the pursuit of academic goals. Students who earn a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or better will be considered in Good Academic Standing. Advanced Placement (AP) as appropriate to the student's program at Pierce College. Preparation of the portfolio is the sole responsibility of the student who chooses to initiate the process. Pierce College has adopted procedures in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), as amended, and maintains confidentiality of student records. Students may initiate assessment of work experience credit through professional certificates, licenses and portfolios as determined by academic departments. For important registration deadlines, see the Academic Calendar Page: Copyright © 1996 - 2021 Pierce College District, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Public Services, Professional/Technical Degrees and Certificates, Non-Transfer Degrees and General Education, Center of Excellence for Homeland Security. Pierce College will grant a minimum elective credit for each Cambridge International Examination for A-level exam with a passing grade or above for approved examinations. Turn 16 by the start of the first quarter of enrollment and under the age of 21. Students must submit a petition for a Withdrawal with Approved Excuse. General Running Start Information & Student Eligibility Requirements Complete these steps, in this order... 1. A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill their professional responsibility. To be eligible for Running Start, you must place into college English (determined by Pierce College … The credit granted may apply to any Pierce College degree and will be granted after the student has earned 15 or more college-level credits with a college-level grade point average of 2.0 or higher in residence at Pierce College. Once a student has completed basic and advanced training of at least 120 days in Armed Forces training school, they become eligible for five credits. The ASR also reflects Clery Act crimes and alcohol, drug and weapon violations and referrals which were reported to have occurred in the most recent three years on campus, in or on off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by the college and on public property immediately adjacent to the campus. Go to and click on the tab labeled "Placement Review" on the top right side of the blue navigation bar. However, credits will be converted and awarded as five quarter hours for each three semester hours. An Excused Withdrawal may be an option regardless of the amount of the course and coursework that has been completed, as long as all components of the course have not been attempted (e.g. "Completed" is typically demonstrated by the completion, whether successful or not, of a final assessment (e.g. Only final course grades may be appealed. These rules and regulations, if violated, may result in student discipline in accordance with the procedures established in the student code of conduct. Grade changes occur only when a legitimate error has been made in computing, reporting or recording a grade, or when a temporary grade (such as "I" Incomplete) needs to be changed to a permanent grade. To be admitted to Tacoma Community College's Running Start program, a student must: Be enrolled in a public high school. The student and instructor must sign a pass/no pass contract before the last instructional day of the quarter with the exception of ABE/ESL courses. All reported fires and criminal incidents, including alleged incidents, are compiled into a Daily Crime/Fire Log. Students have the right to seek clarification regarding their transfer evaluation and may request the reconsideration of any aspect of that evaluation. Grade point averages (GPA) are computed to the nearest hundredth. It is not mandatory that students are attending classes at the public high school. Pierce College has agreements with several school districts to award credit for some professional/technical courses taken in high school. Pierce College strives to provide a high quality education to all students; however, we realize we may miss something that needs addressing. The average quarterly cost for a full-time Running Start student is approximately $200 in fees per quarter. Running Start is a statewide college program for academically qualified juniors and senior high school students to enroll in courses to fulfill high school graduation requirements and earn college credit. Students with questions regarding a class grade should contact the class instructor. Start by applying to the college you plan to attend for Running Start; you will receive an email back from the college a few days after completing the online application that includes your College ID# and instructions on how to complete your enrollment (each college has a different process – be sure to follow the directions from your college of choice) To receive such credit, students must submit a resume of their VISTA, Peace Corps or AmeriCorps experience to the evaluations office for review. It is the student's responsibility to initiate the reciprocity process and to gather appropriate documentation as needed for review. Students requesting to register for more than 20 credits in a given term are required to obtain approval of the student's advisor, director of advising and entry services, or dean. All individuals are also expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others. Each institution will have a defined process for resolution that is published and readily available to students. This time limitation applies to "I'' grades as well as other grades. Consult with programs for specific information. Pierce College prohibits discrimination against and harassment of members of these protected classes, as well as any additional class(es) protected by local, state or federal law. It also includes the latest news about the college. A student's directory information may be disclosed unless a student files a Request for Non-Disclosure of Directory Information form with the registration office by the 10th day of the quarter (8th day for summer quarter). We will ensure the information gets to the correct person or department. The site, filling Lot 7 along Victory Blvd., will be manned by the L.A. Fire Department (LAFD) in a partnership between them, the City of L.A., and L.A. Pierce College. Pierce recommends that students work with a faculty or academic advisor to plan the credit load that best meets their specific needs and educational goals. Running Start Manager Pierce College Puyallup Running Start Office: 253-864-3210: Renton Technical College: Chelsea Good Running Start Coordinator 425-235-2352 x5714 Seattle Central College: Todd Haak Manager, Running Start Program Running Start Office 206-934-3836 206-934-3820

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