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But you can do whatever works for you. Add eggs a few at a time. Mix together. Today I baked this Egg-less Vanilla sponge Cake for evening snack. The pound cake is heavy because of the large amount of fat from the butter. For the Easy Whipped Cream recipe please visit here. Line the bottom of two 8" cake pans with a parchment round, or butter and flour the pan. T’s & C’s For Countdown Giveaway May 2019. Fix according to the box and add sweet potatoes. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. The two bowls and sieve is to make the triple sieve easy for the dry ingredients, I simply pour from one bowl to the other through the sieve. I followed your Fruit cake recipe…and the cake came out perfect. Learn how to cook great Guyanese sponge cake . Then I alternate and top them up until they weigh the same. Sift all the dry ingredients together (flour, baking powder, nutmeg). Everybody loves tucking into a big, decadent slice of cake – and birthday celebrations give the perfect excuse! The reason a sponge rises is due to the air bubbles that are creating from the long mixing time, in this case up to 10 minutes. Guyanese sponge cake recipe. I sift 3 times. FOR THE MARZIPAN: Beat egg whites to a stiff froth, stir in ground almonds, sugar and almond essence to make a paste. Thank you so much for sharing such a perfect recipe in a detailed way. Allow cake to remain in pan for 2 to 3 days. Heat the oven to 180C/160C Fan/Gas 4 and line two 18cm/7in Just keep checking the cake after 40 min and in 10 minute increments thereafter. Cream butter and sugar together to a smooth consistency (shouldn’t be overly granulated by the sugar). You can check the cake after 40 minutes. Sponge cake recipes. It was amazing. There are many variations on sponge cakes, this is just the one I like to make. Anna, I tried your recipe today as my first ever sponge cake. He just prefers the slices of the cake with his strawberries. I hope all these tips are helpful for first time sponge makers. I check at 8 minutes, but always need the extra two minutes. They take between 15 & 18 minutes depending on your oven. Just A Mum’s Top Tips for The Best Easy Sponge Cake Recipe. Delicious light and airy, this is a lovely Easy Sponge Cake Recipe, lots of tips and hints to get the perfect sponge every time. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Prepare the cream using my Easy Whipped Cream Recipe, and use strawberry jam and strawberries. Set the mixer on medium and whip for 8 minutes. Yes, add it to the small amount of cream first. Thank you for such lovely feedback. Run a knife carefully around the edge of the sponge pan to release any cake from the pan. 1/2 tsp nutmeg (add 1tsp if you like a lot of nutmeg). Thank you for stopping by my website. If you are wanting to make a sponge cake you should give this one a go. Enjoy and please email me with any questions! Folding – You can either use your hand or I use a large metal spoon to incorporate my flour mixture and then the butter. I then like to dust the sponge cake with a lovely dusting of icing sugar to finish. Method. I have included a video showing all of my steps for how I make my sponges. Thank you for your message, if only measurements worldwide were the same! The first tip, you do not want to line sponge cake tins, it is important that it can form a crust against the sides of the tin. I make the fruit cake came out great thanks for the recipe. I know sometimes these blog posts can appear long winded and full of chatter but I try to share more information throughout these posts rather than chat about my day so I hope you find this useful to read through before you embark on your sponge cake today! Lemon loaf cake. This is due to the cake having so little fat content. Bake this classic lemon loaf cake recipe for a simple afternoon treat. I tried this sponge cake today and it turned out fabulous. My new recipes directly to you! I use real butter unsalted; Cup water. Cream butter and sugar together. Apparently my Grandmother would drop her sponge & tin on the kitchen floor as soon as it comes out of the oven to ensure it doesn’t collapse, which seems like the total opposite to this method where you want to be more careful so that it stays light! Empty all the dried fruits into a bowl and mix with your hand. Triple Sift  – I always triple sift my flour and baking powder, using two bowls, I simply tip the dry ingredients between two bowls to sift three times, this ensures it is light and airy. The key to a lovely light sponge is to create air. vanilla sponge cake - basic egg-less cake recipe. It is nice to know that I could get such an amazing recipe for a sponge cake.So what is the diffrence between a sponge cake and a pound cake?so thank you for the recipe.I will try to bake it on my own.Have a good day and God bless. 31 Items Magazine subscription – save 32% and get a three-tier steamer worth £44.99 Bake a cake for an afternoon tea or coffee morning. A Victoria Sponge was the favorite sponge cake of Queen Victoria, and has since become a tried-and-true recipe for tea-time sponge cakes. The scales are for measuring the batter in each cake tin to ensure they are the same size, you can of course just do this by how it looks. This cake is a very moist and wet cake, it is not supposed to be dry, if your cake comes out dry then you have over baked it. Keep up the good work. It might be a matter of practicing more to get that lovely lightness if you think your ingredients are fine. Sponges are best served fresh so if you are not eating it straight away I recommend wrapping the cakes in plastic wrap until ready to use, then assemble just before serving. This is not a sponge. Ensure the sponges are away from a draft as this can also cause them to sink. It has been in my handwritten recipe book for years so it will definitely originate somewhere else but I have enjoyed perfecting it over the years and gathering my tips to share with you below. Just wondering what if i only have 1 x 20cm cake tin. You can serve this straight away, I think sponge is best served just before eating as it is light and fluffy. And it didnt sink! My pleasure! Though I had baked this cake so many. You may need to bake for up to 18 minutes or more for them to spring back to a light touch. I am no expert and I know people have been making sponge cakes for hundreds of years, it does not need to be complicated but it does have those few tips to make your sponge a winner each time. I know exactly how you feel about Guyanese recipes and that is the reason why I started this blog. Also be sure when you are measuring your flour initially you fluff up the flour before scooping, level off your flour with a knife and do not tap it to settle. Next is sifting your dry ingredients 3 times to ensure once added they are as aerated and light as they can be, and finally very gentle combining of the ingredients. If made with cream and not eating straight away store covered in the refrigerator. All of your recipes are”mouth watering” I would like the recipe for Guyana black cake . This way the top of the sponge is up and the base is on the wire rack. There are many ways to serve sponge cake, our favourite is with lashings of cream, strawberries and jam. Cooling – Once you remove from the oven you want to immediately turn the cake out onto cooling racks.

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