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Maker: U. S. Glass or Best Offer. Royal Lace is one of the prettiest patterns in any of the colors you choose. Sharon is one of the very few patterns that has an asymmetric designs, a spray of big happy roses around part of the center and panels with more roses on the rim. Colors: Blue and green, we’ve only had the blue. If you decide to collect Queen Mary then be aware the ridges are pointed and can chip. With Princess watch out for inner rim roughness on bowls. Another lovely floral design from Jeanette Glass, this Depression glass pattern features all over sunflowers with a large center medallion. I have a piece that despite this tool, all the other resources and months og research has left me stumped. Being familiar with Depression glass patterns will help you learn to identify fakes as well. Here is the correct shade of green. Isn’t this demitasse set pretty with the platinum trim on clear depression glass? Colonial … All information contained in this site is to the best of our knowledge. Vintage pink Depression glass from Jeni Sandberg Vintage, $25. Iris is a neat pattern that has a background like a herringbone tweed and big iris flowers and leaves in relief on top. Opalescent trim 2. Other glass companies made similar patterns so if you find topaz yellow then it’s not Old Colony. Colors: Green, topaz yellow, pink and clear with some satin frosted pieces and a little amber and blue. Pink Depression Glass Old Colony Open Lace Edge Bowl Plate Platter Dish 6PC Mix. Moderntone has the classic good looks of Art Deco – and those rings look a little outer space. Ribbon is another Art Deco pattern with only a few pieces. This is such a helpful guide. Waterford is called Waffle for the nice design. This is a gorgeous pattern, one of the prettiest depression glass and you won’t go wrong with it. The most popular color? Aunt Polly suffers from not being well known and it has rough seams, which is typical of US Glass. It came in pink, green, blue, and several other rare and experimental colors. With Hocking’s Mayfair already there, Federal redesigned their Mayfair pattern and converted it to Rosemary. If you decide to collect Sharon protect yourself by learning the tell-tale signs to distinguish real from reproductions. I’ve a soft spot for Normandie because the first piece of depression glass I bought was a Normandie dinner plate. Peruse pictures of pink Depression glass patterns to see what you should look for in antique shops and online. Maker: MacBeth Evans. You can get a full dinner set in Mayfair plus goblets, tumblers, accessory pieces and many bowls and decorative pieces. What’s up to every single one, it’s really a good for me to pay You can find two shades of yellow, a clear light topaz yellow and a darker color called apricot. My book says a few pieces in clear or blue. You'll find everything from salt and pepper shakers to cereal bowls in this geometric design. Two Pink Depression Glass Ice Cream Dessert bowls with diamond pattern. The Cherry Blossom pattern is one of the most popular and beautiful Depression glass patterns out there. The Moonstone pattern is another beautiful design. Colors: Clear, amber, pink and some with gold or platinum trims. Federal Glass Company - ca. © 2006-2021 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. The most preferred color for this glass depression pattern is the blue color. Then it pops. I’m looking for identification on a piece received from mother-in-law. The ultramarine is especially pretty. Colors: Mostly pink and green with a few pieces of opaque Delphite blue, yellow and crystal. S Pattern looks delicate with its thin glass and lacy pattern but it is not particularly prone to damage. Colors: Pink, green and a few pieces in clear. The Georgian pattern of Depression glass is occasionally referred to as the "Lovebirds" pattern. If a depression glass pattern had pink colored glass, it was also made in crystal, green or yellow glass. You can get a nice collection without spending a fortune as the basic pieces are moderately priced, especially in pink. A few pieces of Delphite and opaque yellow have been found. The glass piece itself should be fairly thin. Georgian Lovebirds is one of my favorite patterns. 834 results for depression glass patterns pink. The delicate design features cherries, leaves, and flowers. You can use this site to find and identify depression era glass patterns, elegant glass patterns and 1940s, 1950s and 1960s era glass patterns. Cameo is another Hocking pattern with tons of pieces to choose, including stemware, tumblers, accessory pieces and a full dinner set. Maker: MacBeth Evans More than 100 patterns were made by about 20 manufacturers. Mayfair doesn’t seem particularly prone to damage. Nothing helps our customers more than education, and in this realm, visuals are key! Although plates have rims the interior edge is rounded which helps a lot to reduce damage. Colors: Colors of the era. Colors: Ultramarine, some pink and clear. FEDERAL GLASS WINDSOR PINK BUTTON & CANE PATTERN SUGAR BOWL & LID PRESSED GLASS. It is little and oh-so-cute. $24.50. Unusual … It would be fun to create a set of blue depression glass that mixed different patterns together. Most bowls and plates are square, shaped like Patrician or Madrid. This pattern features swags and florals and is a classic choice. Instead it has fanciful vases, compotes (Indiana’s word for comport), bowls, snack plates. Colors: Clear, pink with some Royal Ruby. American Sweetheart is one of the most beloved patterns and you can readily find most pieces. Royal lace Pattern This is one of the most sought Depression glass. While Hocking made over half the pieces in yellow it is scarce. or Best Offer. Can you or anyone else recommend a person or wensite where i can submit photos for help in identifying this pink glass bowl? From shop Doubleyellowamazon. There are definitely more than a few pieces I would not have identified without this website as I have no idea what I am doing. Swirl has nice smooth edges and doesn’t tend to get nicked too easily. Maker: Hazel Atlas. The handles are rounded on #1 and angular on #2. Jeannette’s Adam is popular and some pieces are hard to find. Colors: Clear, iridescent and later in the 1950s and 1970s fired on colors. The candy jar shown is the real depression glass. a quick visit this site, it contains precious Information. Colors: Amber and green, some pink and other colors . Can you help me if I can get you a picture? It looks wonderful on a table and having even a few pieces will add style and color. The cup and saucer are small and have the narrow swirled ribs we find in Diana. Is there a site where i can find the value of depression glass i have several patterns and id like to know the appox. Stack the plates and bowls with paper plates between to keep from rubbing on the raised bands on the rims. This Depression glass pattern was put out by Anchor Hocking. Colors: Amber, red, cobalt, light blue, clear, pink and emerald green. Dogwood is drop dead gorgeous. Indiana Glass gave this pattern the exciting name of Number 612 but a much better name is Horseshoe. It is translucent and so thin that some pieces have a blue tinge on the rims. Georgian has a nice assortment of pieces and is moderately priced. Ending Jan 22 at 3:25PM PST 6d 22h. I think my mother’s home had several Fostoria glass platters. Warman's Depression Glass Handbook: Identification, Values, Pattern Guide, by Ellen Schroy Depression Glass and Beyond: A Guide to Pattern Identification, Schiffer Book for Collectors Also check out the National Depression Glass Association where you can find information on dealers, conventions, seminars, and shows. If you are looking for a fun pattern to collect then choose Block Optic. From shop SomeOtherStuff. You can get a dinner set but the accessory and pieces like the candy dish and olive dish are more interesting. The pattern is fun with a couple noisy parrots squawking under palm trees. There were a few pieces in other colors. We specialize in Dogwood and have pieces here. Bowknot is very pretty with mold etched design of ribbon all tied in bows with swags between. Doric and Pansy is a little busier than Doric since the squares that are plain in Doric are filled with a pansy flower in Doric and Pansy. Block Optic is the old reliable in depression glass. or Best Offer. The #1 pieces have scalloped rims or feet and the #2 are round. You’ll find more Roulette beverage sets than in some patterns and there were only a few lunch set pieces, like the plate, cup and saucer. There are not a lot of pieces available, just a cup and saucer, two bowls, small plate and the tumbler shown. Most of the Cameo a collector will find will be green, though the pattern was made in yellow, pink and crystal with a platinum trim. Colors: Mostly pink and clear with a few pieces of Royal Ruby. We specialize in Princess and have a good stock. I am almost sure I was given 10 fortune or old café 1937-1938 /which look to me to like water glasses . The Cherry Blossom pattern is one of the most popular and beautiful Depression glass patterns out there. Vintage Hocking Glass Company Pink Old Colony Lace Edge Footed Compote 7 inches . I would be forever grateful. Hazel Atlas Glass Company is known for making some of the most popular colors in Depression glass, including Ritz Blue and Sunset Pink. There are at least 5 different creamers and sugars and cups, multiple tumblers, sherbets and goblets, plus a full dinnerware set and many accessory pieces. We specialize in Florentine and have many pieces here for you to enjoy. Jeannette’s Holiday is not truly depression glass since it was made in the 1940s but it slips in based on the colors and the style. Petalware is deceptively simple. From shop Doubleyellowamazon. Examine it carefully for any special markings. The one thing to watch for is inner rim roughness. Colors: Pink and translucent monax white. The design is molded curved panels that look like petals but this pattern is very pretty. Your email address will not be published. Swirl is a neat pattern that looks plain until you see a few pieces together. Get the best deals on Pink Depression Glassware when you shop the largest online selection at If you have pieces you would like help with please post photos on our Facebook page here. The only pieces that have been reproduced are the shakers. Colors: Green and yellow with some pink and clear. It should be smooth and delicate looking - not chunky. The only point against Lorain is the seams are usually raised enough that you can feel them. Dogwood doesn’t seem too prone to damage, a good thing. There are a couple pieces that are expensive, like the pitcher. Made between 1930 and 1936, American Sweetheart is a classic Depression glass pattern by Macbeth-Evans. People mistake Cube for Fostoria’s American pattern and the knock off of American, Whitehall. Adam is a pretty stylized floral pattern. From shop WheelDealAntiques. Some pieces have raised seams which is common with Indiana depression glass. The pattern came in pink, blue, green, clear, and other shades. I saw all the glass and knew I could do more than put it with the massive amount of other things we are donating so I wanted to identify it all and look for collectors to give it proper homes. Most pieces are moderately priced. Most of the fakes have tell-tale faults. Colors: Yellow, amber, clear and clear with trims. See more ideas about ivy, california, metlox pottery. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Gene Florence’s Collector s Encyclopedia of Depression Glass,19th Edition (Collector’s Encyclopedia of Depression Glass) is good. Hello! Hazel Atlas reused the pattern blanks to make white platonite with fired on colors after the depression. Colors: Amber, pink, iridescent and a few pieces in clear and green. Hazel Atlas Glass Company. I hope you enjoyed reading about depression glass. 1929-1933 Cube or Cubist Pink Depression Glass Butter Dish Pamela Y. Wiggins Georgian Green Sherbet Dish . You can assemble a lunch or small dinner set in any color without too much trouble and it is one of the least costly patterns. I am trying to identify these patterns. Thanks! Vintage Pink Depression Glass Diamond Pattern Dish Platter Doubleyellowamazon. Maker: Federal Glass. Hazel Atlas re-issued Moderntone in platonite white glass with fired on colors in the 1950s. Fortune is a pretty pattern that has only a few pieces, enough to set the table for lunch. Today, this glass with its sunset-pink hue attracts savvy … Thank you for honestly showing pictures and giving explanations. Some serving pieces, like the sugar lid, tumblers and cream soups are pricey but you don’t have to get them. Thank you. It has no cup and saucer. 0 bids. Colors: Clear, pink, a few pieces in other colors. Found a saucer in a box of other mixed green depression glass that I have not been able to identify. Federal Glass Co. SHARON "Cabbage Rose" Pink Large 3-Footed Cake Plate. Take some time to look at photos of green Depression glass to find the perfect pattern or shade for you. Pink pieces are very rare due to limited production. You can get a small dinner set in Manhattan but the pieces that have the most looks are the accessories like the tilt pitcher, vase, candy jar and relish tray. Green Depression glass also came in some gorgeous patterns and styles. Sadly many piece have been reproduced, notably cups, saucers, dinner plates, small bowls, butter dishes, tumblers, pitchers and shakers. The green seems the most prevalent followed by yellow, at least in mid-Michigan. Most often found in amber and pink, but produced in green as well. Tip 1: Know your history. It has big exuberant flowers and leaves all over and comes in a beautiful array of pieces. Columbia is heavy with a solid design of molded rays and inset dots. You can get a set in amber, iridescent or pink inexpensively. This stunning Depression glass pattern by Hazel Atlas offers a refined touch on simple glassware shapes. […]. Look for some of these distinguishing features: 1. Miss America was one of the patterns people used for their good dishes. There may not be a back stamp to help, but each pattern will be unique. Maker: Jeannette. You can find most pieces – a small dinner set and even some tumblers – fairly reasonably priced. 5 out of 5 … It was manufactured from 1942 through 1946, placing it just after the Great Depression. Sometimes people confuse Fortune with Old Cafe. The only thing you have to be careful of with Moderntone is surface wear. Apparently it was sold to retailers only as a premium – pieces were given away with a purchase. You can control your costs by blending colors and picking the pieces you want. Jeannette Glass Company - ca. When pink Depression glass hit the market in the early 1930s, a bevy of names described the color: Cheri-Glo, flamingo, rose glow, rose tint, and wild rose. Pieces have raised seams. The most common pink depression glass patterns material is glass. See that plain center? About the only piece Hocking did not make in Mayfair was a candle holder. Rosemary had an interesting history. Sharon Cabbage Rose Pink Depression Round Berry Bowl 8.5” C $20.00. $43.00. Princess, pretty Princess is square shaped with a lovely center medallion and scrolls on the rim that look like draperies. Made between 1934 and 1941, it came in royal blue, pink, clear, green, and other shades. Colors: Cobalt blue, amethyst, some clear, pink and fired on colors.

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