new zealand journal of science and technology

The New Zealand Journal of Ecology is a peer-reviewed journal publishing ecological research relevant to New Zealand/Aotearoa and the South Pacific. # The New Zealand journal of science and technology\n, # New Zealand. New Zealand journal of technology 0112-3890. Issued 1918-26 by the New Zealand Board of Science and Art; 1927-1938 by the Dept.  New Zealand technology companies could be driven to severely limit their potential markets to prevent establishing personal jurisdiction in foreign nations. This would undermine the bill’s goal of expanding New Zealand’s technology industry. Secondly, with ... Syracuse Journal of Science and Technology Law. Computer science unplugged: School students doing real computing without computers T Bell, J Alexander, I Freeman, M Grimley The New Zealand Journal of Applied Computing and Information Technology 13 … , 2009 (not yet rated) http:\/\/\/oclc\/605006064> ; http:\/\/\/title\/-\/oclc\/605006064>. Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. About the NZ Journal of MLS. Board of Science and Art.\" ; New Zealand. Search in: Advanced search. Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours. By. : New Zealand Board of Science and Art, 1918-1938. The Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand publishes international research on the science and technology of New Zealand and the Pacific region. Holding Institution. Please enter your name. . Year. : PY - 1918 SN - 0375-0140 N1 - Title from cover. The New Zealand journal of science and technology / By New Zealand. Who we are. New Zealand. ISSN 1177-1380. Learn more ››. Wellington, N.Z. New Zealand journal of science and technology. New Zealand journal of science and technology (DLC) 20004575 (OCoLC)5186372: Material Type: Document, Government publication, National government publication, Periodical, Internet resource: Document Type: Internet Resource, Computer File, Journal / Magazine / Newspaper: All Authors / Contributors: New Zealand. Editorial board. General section Publisher: Wellington, N.Z. An international journal of the geoscience of New Zealand, the Pacific Rim, and Antarctica. Some features of WorldCat will not be available. © Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305. catalog, articles, website, & more in one search, books, media & more in the Stanford Libraries' collections, New Zealand journal of science and technology. | Science -- Periodicals. New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science 2019 Impact Factor 0.957 Publishes research on crop and horticultural science relevant to Australasia, including biotechnology, tree and fields crops, and indoor and urban horticulture. :New Zealand Board of Science and Art,1918-1938. General research section 0369-6960. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand An international journal of the science and technology of New Zealand and the Pacific region New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research Google Scholar | Crossref Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. At head of title, May 1927-Dec. 1957: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. Explore as a Researcher Student or Teacher Member of public. Life Dates: Vol. Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. Available to students, faculty, and staff, by special arrangement in response to COVID-19. New Zealand journal of science and technology. http:\/\/\/oclc\/605006064>. Copyright © 2001-2021 OCLC. The E-mail message field is required. Don't have an account? The magazine is published six times a year and is free to members of NZIFST. new diamond and frontier carbon technology new diam front c tec new directions for community colleges new dir commun coll new directions for education ... new zealand journal of dairy science and technology new zeal j dairy sci new zealand journal of ecology new zeal j ecol new zealand journal of educational studies http:\/\/\/vocabulary\/countries\/nz> ; http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/2999382406#Place\/wellington_n_z> ; http:\/\/\/fast\/1108176> ; http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/2999382406#Topic\/technology> ; http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/2999382406#Topic\/science> ; http:\/\/\/fast\/1145078> ; http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/id\/2999382406> ; http:\/\/\/oclc\/5186372> ; http:\/\/\/title\/-\/oclc\/605006064#PublicationEvent\/wellington_n_z_new_zealand_board_of_science_and_art_1918_1938> ; http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/2999382406#Agent\/new_zealand_board_of_science_and_art> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=IiZ2UzOxrsEC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=BpLOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=mkejLxs353oC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=hnoRkmGTIdEC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=ltE8lQR8PWoC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=baXOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=Xwnz4-toclwC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=84nOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=tdkHOgclhD4C> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=GQD6p_VKG3kC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=q7O8rm88HncC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=y6bOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=w5nOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=v5LOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=SKLOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=S4jOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=epLOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=AarOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=Fh9H7brZmIgC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=lLbOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=6ZDOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/api\/volumes\/oclc\/5186372.html> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=K9EPdRsOjkMC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=ZAxls0dKrMIC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=INxwk7geVL8C> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=poAG3kv9Ah8C> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=3vZN17FDWnwC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=A-mwU2QfJeIC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=si-KVM7OHBsC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=rZrOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=KCYeAQAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=HpObzT37SoUC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=dplMTCln5gcC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=0-LdqbD7lNoC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=QrHOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=Eo_OAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=CCYweUUGmPAC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=B6Q1AQAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=iIrOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=r_rCEjzP9JYC> ; http:\/\/\/api\/volumes\/oclc\/1760284.html> ; https:\/\/\/bibliography\/159766> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=88x9ZXh4vnMC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=HbfOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=HbY94EZBivkC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=Mwbpy5oIGpMC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=GJDOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=KEjXqFxGDgkC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=fURmem-1q_MC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=Ad4zk4YxQZcC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=MxSj-0DncL0C> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=6qbOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=aq7TJD8vzHAC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=hoGUYQKdxHAC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=gpPOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=eHricVsc2h8C> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=qUaO64JellcC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=_dI21rCJ1xkC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=H5POAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=wqjrvc420x0C> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=DsSsCGx6fZEC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=uylRAQAAIAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=P82f7zQZD4YC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=2hRlnRdWtoQC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=15gOKvXPvbgC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=j8aju4U2hFoC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=tKbOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=QZTOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=8yzbuVRmmvcC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=qV66VO-mUukC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=xzeuuvQj1p0C> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=J4MoAQAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=JJTOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=t8FPW9S-yAoC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=ReISOZz7vIMC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=9wF35IY8UOAC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=fLfOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=JawnsXYd0PIC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=nRAJbP7-SykC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=-ZPOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=dFb50MIEag8C> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=nmXdF11JiFkC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=qOxR5amppmIC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=IY1jipkTGcsC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=_6fOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=sAI1vDf7DA8C> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=pJHOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=Vqe1mi9VTcwC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=4aPOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=_aUSAkRZyjwC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=CVZ6SkRKb0UC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=haHOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=rPH8c2sJvA8C> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=paTOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=C9pWAAAAIAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=b3iZ9V7le2AC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=FASU8ffd6O8C> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=UYvwxfk4TX8C> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=ftjW0PYryygC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=r0oa8sgZNf4C> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=faThAqUunH4C> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=CaPOAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=Ei-vmJv5_AwC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=JwTVo6lnDHYC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=kY3OAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=SM6oiVgKunEC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=VU6DKOksC7IC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=YVcrLOzJpeAC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=cTo4-TCB_HoC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=y5POAAAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=wAXnkTbvmhkC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=8E7OsXJUwDoC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=tS0_AQAAMAAJ> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=WYfjnNBYc9QC> ; http:\/\/\/books?id=bZ0JU_IlxUAC> ; http:\/\/\/title\/-\/oclc\/605006064> ; http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/2999382406#Agent\/new_zealand_board_of_science_and_art>, http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/2999382406#Place\/wellington_n_z>, http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/2999382406#Topic\/science>.

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