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Dr. Finlayson-Fife points out, “When submission is a virtue, it's an active choice to yield to something because you think it will create the greater good. Manuscripts submitted to LDS Living are received solely at the creator's risk. I don’t really get those word for word kind of answers, but basically, the answer that came to me was, “I’m not going to tell you to want to do and I’m not going to make this decision for you. Heavy doctrine is not appropriate for our publication. Article Submission. She is in good company. We think it would be better for you to go to the other ward where there's not enough leadership”. LDS Living Article Submission Guidelines. They will help our query be evaluated fairly and make it easier for us to respond. In June 2018, the Church announced plans to revise the Hymns and Children’s Songbook. “Those that instinctively or routinely defer to others are often looking for a kind of protection in submitting to another’s perspective—someone whom they can submit to—and in so doing not take full responsibility for their lives. He served an LDS mission from 1982–1984 in the Washington Seattle Mission. December 19th, 2018 This week, LDS Living posted an article referencing an interview with Dr. Finlayson-Fife on the subject of submission. Sister Oaks Shares How She and President Oaks Involved Their Grandchildren in Celebrating the Restoration. When you make this choice, I want you to choose it because it’s what you want and because it’s what you honestly believe is the most right decision for you in this situation. The Tabernacle Choir Some forums can only be seen by registered members. In 2020, 200 Pantries Receive Food Donations from Latter-day Saints. Mark D. Ogletree was raised in the great state of Texas, and joined the Church at age eighteen. CALENDAR No, God wants His children to grow up spiritually and join Him in the family business.”. So what does submission look like when it is virtuous and an act of strength? “We often hail submission (or unquestioning obedience) as a virtue in religious thought, but when misunderstood, it is a dangerous ideal,” says Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a licensed therapist who specializes in working with couples on sexuality and relationship issues. Author Sherrae Phelps explores the theological and psychological difference between destructive submission and virtuous submission drawing on Dr. Finlayson-Fife's perspectives on the matter. We prefer to receive submissions electronically, send to [email protected] for Ensign and local pages and/or [email protected] . All podcasts produced by LDS Living. It sounds wrong on the face of it. LDS Living is a bimonthly magazine dedicated to empowering families to make a positive difference in the home and community. Thank you LDS Living Magazine! And so it is a submission of self for the greater good. We cannot publish stories that have appeared in other national publications. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will host Prosper’s 5th annual Live Nativity at Frontier Park, 1551 Frontier Parkway in Prosper, from 6-8 p.m. Saturday. "Abide in Me, O Love of God, Abide!" 3. Submit Your Blog. By Kevin Beckstrom ‘Go on your way rejoicing,’ Elder Rasband tells missionaries worldwide in online devotional. We desire engaging articles that tell a story, explain "how to," or provide unique and entertaining insights into the Latter-day Saint lifestyle. Embracing the Man Behind the Mask: How Being Cosmo the Cougar Led One Man to Accept God’s Will—and Himself Charlie Bird surprised thousands when he revealed he was the face behind Cosmo the Cougar in the viral dance filmed during the halftime show of the 2017 football game between Brigham Young University and Boise State University.

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