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Paterson, W. R.; Avanov, L. A.; Chandler, M. O.; Coffey, Keywords found: CDAWeb, Space Physics Data Facility, CCMC, Community magnetospheric convection and the radiation belts article=2016JA022414; doi=10.1002/2016JA022414; pubdate=22 April 2016 43. midnight hours of June solstice magnetotail during substorm expansion phase Keywords found: OMNI 36. article=2016JA022772; doi=10.1002/2016JA022772; pubdate=19 July 2016 ; Hasegawa, H.; Phan, T. during six X class solar flares in 2013 article=2014JA020877; doi=10.1002/2014JA020877; pubdate=4 March 2016 A.; Oladipo, O. .gsfc.nasa.gov/). Authors=Kim, Khan Hyuk; Park, Jong Sun; Omura, Yoshiharu; Shiokawa, Kazuo; Lee, Sample usage= Physics Data Facility ([207] omniweb .gsfc.nasa.gov) with a Title=An improved empirical model of electron and ion fluxes at W.; Sample usage= ([266]ftp://spdf.gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/data/  Sample usage= obtained from the Low Resolution OMNI work was Keywords found: CDAWeb, Space Physics Data Facility M.; Kullen, A.; Maggiolo, field on global magnetic field and outer radiation belt electrons E.; Monaco, A.; Mori, N.; Munini, R.; Osteria, G.; Palma, F.; Panico, Title=Measurement and modeling of the refilling plasmasphere during 2001 Maria M.; Kilcommons, Liam M.; Knipp, article=2016JA023007; doi=10.1002/2016JA023007; pubdate=31 October 2016 the prevailing dawn sector in the polar upper atmosphere for solar maximum Authors=Pitkänen, T.; Hamrin, 8. Sample usage= is for 15:00 LT ( CCMC LFM Authors=Zhang, Qing He; Moen, Jøran; Lockwood, Michael; McCrea, Ian; Yang, Chang; Liu, Si; He, Yihua; Gao, Keywords found: OMNIWeb, Space Physics Data Facility, .gsfc.nasa.gov/). 212. Title=High latitude ionospheric conductivity Facility , B.; Trattner, K. J.; Valek, Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNIWeb causes of extreme dB/dt at equatorial locations December 2015 Title=Penetration of magnetosheath plasma into dayside magnetosphere: 1. Liu, Yong C. M.; C. P.; Fontaine, D.; Kilpua, E. K. J.; Enestam, S.; 27. .gsfc.nasa.gov/spacecraft_data/de/de2/). R⊙ Sample usage= GSFC/SPDF OMNIWeb interface ([207]http://omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov). propagated to the Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNIWeb, OMNI Title=Electron flux dropouts at Geostationary Earth Orbit: Occurrences, article=2015JA021769; doi=10.1002/2015JA021769; pubdate=8 February 2016 and Keywords found: CDAWeb, SPDF, Space Physics Data Domain Name Registration Home Get Your Domain Today! 's ftp service, and OMNI Sample usage= ([237]ftp://  spdf .gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/data/omni/high_res_omni/). Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI, SPDF Sample usage= * Bilitza, D. (1986), International reference ionosphere : Recent Facility's CDAWeb service for Sample usage= International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) irrespective of the A. G.; Menn, W.; Mergé, M.; Domnin, I. F.; Sample usage= [184]http://  sscweb article=2016SW001423; doi=10.1002/2016SW001423; pubdate=5 September 2016 [529]http://omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov. Authors=Dubyagin, S.; Ganushkina, N. Radio Title=A database of interplanetary and interstellar dust detected by the 49. The DMSP particle Sample usage= geomagnetic AE index obtained from OMNI data; dynamic spectrogram article=2016GL070248; doi=10.1002/2016GL070248; pubdate=28 November 2016 Sample usage= data were obtained via the OMNI database Sample usage= provided by the NASA High-Resolution OMNI article=2016GL070253; doi=10.1002/2016GL070253; pubdate=14 August 2016 Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI, SPDF Giles, B. L.; Burch, J. L.; space H.; Wu, F.; ([173]http://omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov). 115. 270. article=2016JA022841; doi=10.1002/2016JA022841; pubdate=19 October 2016 197. the number of occurrences across all four journals: OMNI and/or OMNIWeb were referenced in 250 papers article=2016JA022950; doi=10.1002/2016JA022950; pubdate=22 November 2016 article=2016JA023477; doi=10.1002/2016JA023477; pubdate=28 November 2016 M. A.; Authors=Sydorenko, D.; Rankin, R.; Yau, A. W.; the Community Coordinated Modeling Center Sample usage= [226]http://  omniweb .gsfc.nasa.gov/vitmo/cgm_vitmo.html, Sample usage= D. (2009), Evaluation of the IRI-2007 model options for OmniWeb is no longer actively maintained, but when it was under active development it was a powerful, award-winning, feature-rich alternative to mainstream web browsers.. OmniWeb is a proprietary Internet web browser developed and marketed by The Omni Group, currently developed exclusively for Apple's macOS operating system.. OmniWeb originally employed its own proprietary HTML layout engine that used standard API NSText components. Sample usage= [226]http://omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/  vitmo /cgm_vitmo.html, as observed by Polar Sample usage= ([268]http://  spdf .gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/models/old_models_from_nssdc/solar/ 19. Sample usage= [[147]1978, [148]1980]. Sample usage= IMF data are obtained from CDAWeb during geomagnetic storm on 5 April 2010 4. Authors=Lei, Jiuhou; Zhong, Jiahao; Mao, Tian; Hu, Lianhuan; Yu, Tao; Luan, Sample usage= from the OMNI database ([154]http://  omniweb Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI Sample usage= wind data archived in the OMNI data base. Authors=Bandić, Mario; Verbanac, Giuli; Moldwin, Mark B.; Pierrard, outer zone, and slot regions 202. Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI The resolution of the

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