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Perhaps the giant mario (from the new super mario brothers) could hold his own against Superman for a little bit if he had a star, and fire power too. The Flash versus Sonic the Hedgehog is a battle that's been debated constantly throughout both fanbases and can sometimes reach Goku versus Superman levels of debate. Superman is seen firing heat vision at the blue blur. Register Start a Wiki. Follow. @Army2442: ...That sounds like crap... oh but what the hell? Why wouldnt superman win, hes faster, stronger, more durable and as i said when mario has that star shield on him ( which is indestructable. ) Sonic the Hedgehog is the main protagonist from the eponymous same name franchise. Cthulhu Mythos; Superman flies towards sonic at light speed, grabbing him. it only lasts for so long and superman can still fly, stay in mid air and even if mario can fly, supermans still faster and can get away from him.... superman can fly higher out into space which mario cant do and sonic? Strength. star mario may seem invincible but what's his best durability feat........bowser's fire. Super Sonic now has a lower end and that is unbeliveably stupid since the emeralds should always be superior to the Final Egg Blaster but whatever. He quickly finishes him off and then goes to mario after his star runs out. Round 1: Well, since Darkspine Sonic is Universe level+, while Post-Crisis Superman is Solar System level at best, this is a huge stomp in Sonic's favor. Super Sonic is invincible and can fly at FTL, he can also hit harder. SHDb; uStats; Intelligence. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Wiz: The winner is Sonic the Hedgehog. Likely an Infinite-Dimensional being, as the Monitor-Sphere is the highest dimension of creation/the multiverse, which has been repeatedly written as an Infinite-Dimensional structure. Pre-Crisis vs Anyone: Pre. @TERMINATOR1000: Did you just say Super Sonic can't fly.......omg you know nothing, why are you debating? El ganador es el que tiene mayor visibilidad en Google Sonic: You'll regret that with your life! Team for the win! Superman, now starting to get reckless, fires another blast at Sonic which hits Kame House, narrowly missing Yamcha’s head by a quarter of an inch. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? vs     Sonic Mario vs Superman   Location: Giant sized star mario ftw... in all honesty though i don't know. Oh well... Superman vs Sonic - Escribe dos palabras clave y pincha en el botón 'Fight'. Here we go: It depends. If Cosmic Armor Superman is not used then Sonic has a chance because he fought Enerjak who gave Mammoth Mogul the power to destroy all zones, he also defeated Solaris with the help of Super Shadow and Super Silver, he is powered by the Chaos Emeralds which generated the Genesis Waves and rewrote the multiverse, which contains infinite universes. Team Hyper Sonic vs Superman Prime One-Million. I've played mario and sonic games for years and mario has died from being stabbed, sonic has died from beinf drowned....Superman can easily throw them into the ocean and kill them... nothing that impressive about sonic and mario. Mario Power. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He also has the power to manipulate time and space and can travel light speed. YES, but Superman can still fly and stay within a distance from him and sonic.... even when marior can fly with the star shielding him, hes still no where near supermans speed and plus that star only last so long and when he gives out supes will take his beat vision and burn clean through mario and destroy him end of. Superman Vs Sonic | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom. Sonic flew towards Superman at blinding speed, and Superman attempted to meet him head on with a right hook. If it's just regular versions, then Superman stomps. Hypersonic would demolish Superman, look at Flash. I he would push him into mario which would knock the crap out of mario i would assume... not to mentioned i dont recall super sonic being able to fly so superman could just throw him on another planet, get back to earth and take care of mario for reasons i have stated. what part of superman can fly, is faster, heast vision and so on do you not get? Sonic The Hedgehog vs Superman # Superman @MoP Superman isn't beating Hyper Sonic nor Dark Sonic, and you could argue that Excalibur Sonic has magic which is one of Superman's weaknesses. Sonic’s Resistance to Mind Manip renders Superman’s Hypnosis and Memory-erasing kiss moot (he can also simply, y’know, dodge the kiss). The Chaos Emeralds then appear around Sonic and he turns into Super Sonic. cause i never played him as a chatacter and you stated that the character based on the op can use all their powers.... well i hate to break it to ya, but sonic and super sonic are obviously two different characters and op shows only regular sonic can be used here that died several times from being drowned in the ocean. Super Sonic is virtually invincible - the only beings strong enough to ever have caused any real damage to Super Sonic were so powerful they could destroy all of time itself. Superman would probably absorb Marios star and become Godlike. @SuperPrime1M: the op shows superman battling a regular mario and a regular sonic... so super sonic and star mario are irrelevent to this topic. Mario touchs the star and goes "dadada daradadada dara dadada daradadada..". And that means Cosmic Armor Superman can easily solo all the Sonic-verses. DCEU Superman vs Sonic (Modern) Forum > Versus Threads board > DCEU Superman vs Sonic (Modern) The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. 0. Sonic, however, has to run a bit before going into the speed that is even close with Superman's speed. As Superman staggered forward, Sonic struck him in the spine with several Homing Attacks, sending the Man of Steel towards the wall. Crisis. Sonic can dodge his attacks, and the fight would last, but who the victor is depends on who the combatants are. If Superman is not occupied with Mario, then Sonic gets killed in the first couple of seconds in the battle. Mario with his other powerups might not do much to Superman, but his Star powerup would kill Superman in one touch. Mar 24, 2019 - Sonic the Hedgehog is about to take on Superman and The Flash in a race in this incredibly awesome illustration created by Mauricio Abril . 3 years ago | 55 views. Sonic vastly outskills and dominates Supes within h-2-h, and resists anything meaningful that Superman can do to him. Super Sonic vs Superman. Couldn't he just wait for Super sonic and Star Mario to where off, then proceed to cave their faces in? he also threw a compressed solar system away from Earth while Darkspine Sonic best feat was defeating Alf Layla wa-Layla who stated that he was going to recreate the Arabian Nights reality. If it's just regular versions, then Superman stomps. Mario's Star powerup would then run out and Superman should be able to kill Mario, even with his other powerups. Round 3: Cosmic Armor Superman is literally infinite-dimensional, so he stomps completely. They can both return from each other’s BFR; Superman resists Time Stop and EE; Sonic’s Non-Physical Interaction nulls Superman’s Intangibility and vice versa Mario and Hyper Sonic fly back down to earth as they revert back to normal, Superman makes a landing on the ground and Sonic hits Superman with multiple Spin Dashes, allowing him to knock the superhero and injure him badly, Mario rolls in with a kick and a punch, and Sonic connected with zooming down at Superman, kicking him on his throat, attempting to make blood fall from it, and Mario got his Invincibility Leaf and went into his White Tanooki …

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