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“Ke mau mai, ke mau mai” is an encouragement to be strong and maintain rowing consistently/non-stop. Sunday, 25 October 2020 to Saturday, 31 October 2020. Formerly known as the Union Islands, Tokelau is a dependent territory of NZ. If you are interested in the Tokelau language and culture then tune into Tugaki O Tokelau, every week for news, community notices, music, and discussions in the Tokelau language. Mālo Ni: Tokelau Language Week Resources 2020 Samoa Language Week Launch Art graduated in 1979 with a PhD in vegetation ecology from the University of Hawai’i. Pas étonnant que le morceau de Demba et Pendo Guissé cartonne en ce début de saison, avec son message d’amour chanté en mbalakh, qui totalise plusieurs milliers de vues sur YouTube. Professional Festivals, Celebrations and Events teaching resources. Tells the story of Pele's first day at school in New Zealand. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. While Tokelau Language Week has concluded it does not mean the opportunity to learn and appreciate the … Skip to main content Search this blog Auckland Libraries blog Subscribe. Hope you all enjoy another favourite time of one of our pacific languages. The 2020 Tokelau Language theme is ‘Apoapo tau foe, i nā tāfea i te galutau. Stay united, stay strong, Ministry for Pacific Peoples Facebook page, Improving Housing for Pacific Families and Communities, The official NZ Tokelau Language Week Facebook page, Tokelau Language Week social media banner - Te gagana Tokelau, Tokelau Language Week social media banner - English, Tokelau Language Week email banner - Te gagana Tokelau, Tokelau Language Week email banner - English, Tokelau Language Cards (learning resource), Tokelau Language Week - National Calendar of Events. Ke mau mai, ke mau mai’ which in English translates to, 'Never give up hope, even amidst chaos and much uncertainty. The Tokelaun community is using Te Vaiaho o Gagana Tokelau language Week to reinforce why their language, history and culture should be an NCEA subject. Tokelauans are citizens of New Zealand, and over the past generation or so many have made lives for themselves in New Zealand. Taulima is part of Tokelauan traditional, cultural wear. 125p. Engaging programmes for all year levels from ECE to Year 12, Browse and contribute to New Zealand's Online Cenotaph, Experience life as a WWI soldier in Pou Kanohi Gallery. The vegetation is broadly placed into four plant communities: managed land vegetation (regularly disturbed, including pulaka/giant swamp taro pits), coconut plantations, freshwater marsh (restricted to Olohega/Swains Island) and littoral strand (contains virtually all of the original vegetation of Tokelau). Stay united, stay strong'. The Language Week will run from Sunday 25 October to Saturday 31 October and is being launched online by the Taupo Tokelau Community Committee via the official Tokelau Language Week 2020 Facebook page, where you can join in a wide range of online activities. Tokelau is made up of 3 remote of atolls (Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo) in the South Pacific Ocean and is located between New Zealand and Hawaii. This year, Vaiaho o te Gagana Tokelau (Tokelau Language Week) runs from 23 – 29 October and celebrates the culture and language of Faka-Tokelau (The Tokelauan way of life). This week gives us an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful and unique culture and language of Tokelau and its people. Family members might like to share their customs and beliefs with the students. This is a great way to practise Gagana Samoa, as … Cultivated species are excluded, and in Tokelau there are no conifers recorded. MIL-OSI Publisher - October 23, 2020. Curator Pacific Fuli Pereira’s career at Auckland Museum is defined by an absolute shift in the way consultation is carried out and a dedication to descendant communities of makers and owners of collections in the care of Auckland Museum. His Flora of Tokelau (2018) was based on his study there of the flora, rare plants and ethnobotany. However, his real love has always been taxonomy and flora of Polynesia, especially Samoa. The 2020 Tokelau Language theme is ‘Apoapo tau foe, i nā tāfea i te galutau. Ke mau mai, ke mau mai’ which in English translates to, 'Never give up hope, even amidst chaos and much uncertainty. Stay united, stay strong'. Acknowledge expertise, encourage a steady flow of Gagana Samoa speakers into the classroom, and let the community guide the teaching and learning in a fa‘asamoa way. One of the few greats of Pacific botany, Art leaves behind a legacy of botanical publications and herbarium specimens. Ke mau mai, ke mau mai’ which in English translates to, 'Never give up hope, even … We will be using this slide as an introduction and will be creating our own slides to help us in our learning. A very practical thing to have on hand on a hot day, but also a beautifully woven object on its own. The 2020 Tokelau Language week theme is : ‘Apoapo tau foe, i nā tāfea i te galutau. Friday, 30 October 2020. Matagi Tokelau was originally written in Tokelauan by a diverse group of Tokelau authors who were concerned to record the history and traditions of their islands. 2. Image: Fuli Pereira with knowledge holder Mrs Sefulu Kalolo and Tokelau community lead Rev, Iutana Pue looking over the last known Tokelau o (a species of small fish) fishing net. And with these gifts we build, nurture and strengthen our language, culture and identity. Māori Public Health … This years theme was influenced by the events of 2020 and how the COVID-19 outbreak has shaped a new normal for the Tokelau community and everyone worldwide. It was discovered on Macauley Island (part of the Kermadec Islands) in 2002 – making it one of the few species common to both Tokelau and New Zealand. His interest and publications moved into ethnobotany, including books on: Tongan herbal medicine (1992), Polynesian herbal medicine (1992), Samoan herbal medicine (1995), Plants in Samoan culture (2001), and Plants of the canoe people (2009). Tuvalu Language Week supports the curriculum principles of cultural diversity and inclusion, and provides an opportunity for students to explore the values of diversity and respect. Kia orana, The theme for Cook Islands language week is "Kia pūāvai tō tātou Reo Māori Kūki ‘Āirani i Aotearoa"which in English means "That the Cook Islands Māori language may blossom throughout New Zealand.". A short reader for children about the Tokelauan art of making pearl shell fishing lures written in the Tokelauan language by Peato Tutu Perez, Written by Even Hovdhaugen, Ingjerd Hoem, Consulata Mahina Iosefo, and Arnfinn Muruvik Vonen.

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