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My criticisms are mostly minor (tongue migration, excess space on medial side of big toe). True story. Quantic debuted on the Superior 4, and its main benefit is low weight—it’s a bit lighter than Ego foam. The Escalante 2 feels like a throwback to the original Altra shoe, the Instinct. These shoes are able to be worn, and will perform well, in a variety of uses from track/speed work to long runs to road races of any distance. Its upper is sublimely comfortable, the midsole is something special, and the extra flange on the lateral side is something I’ve never known was an option as a supinator, but now that I’ve had it I don’t want to let it go. Dom:  Springy and energetic, the Escalante 2 has a very happy and upbeat ride. The Escalante 2 has a narrower, snugger shape from front to back. Escalante 2 handled all paces I tried them for and is a lively shoe. Here we have a far beefier upper that indeed fits me true to size in terms of length. Powered uphills,  Jack of all trades! I like Ego, but it doesn’t move me like Hyperburst, so I would go with the GR7H. An EVA-based “Propel Plate” embedded in the midsole generates additional bounce for snappy toe-offs, and overall it’s very flexible and lightweight—ideal for fast paces. But as Jeff observes, the upper is particularly stretchy in this area, and I never experienced any discomfort. Altra Quantic™ Given that this a road shoe with no lugs, loose grit can act like ball-bearings underfoot, and the shoe will break away on steep descents or aggressive cornering. Give me the Epic React. Some folks may find it well cushioned, but at 19mm it is about 10mm of heel stack height shy of hitting that mark for long distance work for me. This can help the shoe promote your natural stride and encourages a lower-impact landing. Sally: Boston has long been a top fav shoe of mine (I have run several Boston marathons in the Boston 6). Not knowing what I’m missing perhaps, I loved the ‘bouncy-yet-firm’ underfoot feel of the Escalante 2. Altra Escalante is a new running shoe featuring a richly colored engineered-knit upper atop Altra EGO, a new midsole cushioning material with energetic rebound, light weight and superior comfort. Add On Extra Mileage in the Altra Torin 3.5 Mesh, Go Long and Stay Fresh in Altra’s Escalante 1.5, Lightweight and flexible without sacrificing underfoot protection, Some testers found the cushioning too firm, Midfoot feels more snug with a locked-in fit, compared to the 1.5, Lighter and more lively than its predecessor, Midsole feels pillowy soft and is lighter than its predecessor, Some testers wanted slightly more heel cushioning, New InnovArch provides secure, wraparound fit, Guide rail system offers stability for overpronators and neutral runners, Caged upper offers support during lateral movements, Gaiter traps and tacky outsole for wet trail conditions, Lab tests showed heel and forefoot cushioning to be very firm. Cushioning aside, Altra has also developed GuideRail and InnovArch, two notable innovations that give runners more support. He runs about 3,000 miles and 500k ft of vert a year, almost entirely on trail. Anyway, unless I'm actually racing, I don't know that weight is very relevant. The first of those three core technologies is FootShape. Most notably Altra introduced a new light performance trainer, the Kayenta and a lighter Superior 4.0, both with a new Quantic midsole. That said, at the end of every run I had in the Escalante 2, my legs and feet felt good. Plenty of cushioning, but no mushiness here. While I didn’t push the Escalante 2 to the long run limit, my sense is that the firmer midsole is more protective. Hope: I’m not a big Altra head having only previously run in the OG Escalante and Golden Spike, so I can’t really speak to the quality of the other midsole compounds, but I can speak to the Escalante 2’s version of Ego relative to the OG’s version of Ego. Jeff: Fit is true-to-size 10.5 for me, and I’d make no changes in that regard. Although those features add some weight, the breezy mesh upper and lightweight EVA midsole make up for it, and overall the shoe provides a snappy, comfortable ride. Description If you love the Torin and love running fast, this may just be your favourite Torin yet! RoadTrailRun receives a commission on purchases at the stores below. This one is a little unfair to the Altra, the Rincon just gets so much right. It’s about as close to barefoot trail running as you can get while still lacing something onto your feet. Dom, thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. The Torin 4 takes our fan-favourite and tunes it for race day. Updated knit upper: Provides a modern look and luxurious feel; Quantic™ midsole: Provdes a … Hope (US W9.5): Nike made only subtle tweaks to the sublime Epic React with the ER2. It feels a lot more controlled than the OG Escalante which is a plus when form starts to break down. Altra was founded with a desire to find a better shoe for road and trail running. Altra Superior 4.0 vs. Superior 3.5 vs. Superior 3.0. It’s cushioned enough for distance runs and daily training, yet light and bouncy enough for speedwork. GuideRail has been around for years (confusingly, Brooks has also launched tech with a similar name and function), and it’s a layer of midsole foam that projects up from the footbed along the medial side of the foot. The exposed areas are recessed slightly, and that’s enough to keep virtually all wear to the rubber outsole. The Escalante 2 has a bigger toebox (though the Beacon 2 has more than ample room up front), much better long term durability, and feels better uptempo. Quantic™ was inspired by a desire to combine the plush feel of Altra EGO™ with a lightweight ride, it cushions every step and floats over any surface Related Products From the same Collection As always, I took the shoe off-road, and found that the Escalante 2 performs quite decently on dry trail. To select them, we gather feedback from our team of more than 350 wear testers, which includes runners of all ages and speeds living across the U.S. New Balance’s lightweight trainer brings a lot to this matchup, with a better feeling upper and midsole, that feels much better at easy paces, weighs quite a bit less, and is also $10 cheaper. Overdelen er i vævet nylon der sidder som en strømpe på foden. Both shoes have an impressive amount of cushioning, and both have excellent foot retention. Altra's Superior 4 takes an already lightweight, fast trail shoe and makes it even lighter. It is decently cushioned, but not anything I’d throw into my big daily trainer category which lncludes Glycerin or Triumph. But thanks to the stretchiness of the upper, the Escalante 2 remains very comfortable. Several runs left the tongue slid completely around the side of my foot. Although the King did gain some weight compared to previous versions, testers report that it felt lively and capable on tough trails. Altra Torin 4 Intro. This midsole is also used in the Superior 4, but at a much lower stack height. The new Vibram MegaGrip Litebase outsole is another major improvement—it offers Vibram’s legendary grip while saving weight and upping the shoe’s overall flexibility. We have added the new Altra Quantic midsole and removed the strobel layer with results in 2mm less cushion/height than the Torin 4 Plush for a lighter, faster and more responsive Torin. The shoes below represent the top running shoes from Altra for both road and trail. Lone Peak 5 is new and better in so many ways! The Timp 2 gives you everything you love about the previous Timp models and more. The little bit of extra support in the upper is appreciated, but the added weight is disappointing - especially when compared to its older brother Escalante Racer (which is 7.4 ounces in the same size and doesn’t feel like it is that much more pared down for the 2.4 ounce difference). The laces continue to be too long, begging to be double or triple knotted, just to eat up some of the extra material. Lighter and leaner than the maximalist Olympus, the Timp offers a middle-of-the-road approach to cushioning for trail runners. The only factor that doesn’t have me skipping off to the altar in this shoe is its weight: at 277 g / 9.8 oz per shoe (US M10), it feels a little on the heavy side. I am a huge fan of the Epic React (saw no real difference between OG and 2), and I love what Hope aptly calls “the Goldilocks blend of softness and bounce” of the ER2. Technical Specification. Designers sliced 2 mm of stack height from the Torin 4.0 to give it a slimmer silhouette and faster feel. A grooved, highly flexible EVA midsole and full-coverage rubber outsole make the shoe agile and grippy, and the “caged” upper lends lateral support to your feet—perfect for knocking out some box jumps and lunges, or whatever your workout looks like these days. The women’s version feels maybe a touch softer, but I really did not notice a difference between my M8 pair and my W9.5 pair. He has a PR's of 4:07 marathon and 5K at 23:39 both he is working to demolish with help from his coach Dave Ames. ALTRA Ego™ midsole GuideRail™ support StabiliPods™ stability. I’m not one to bicker about fractions of ounces, but the Racer is 2.4 ounces less and cushion-wise has just a hair less. As a result there is very good coverage even though I’d say roughly half of the shoe is exposed midsole. Hope: I like the thinner, more flexible midsole of the SR2. Compared to traditional EVA foam, it’s formulated to provide a springier feel and more durability. Unless you have wide toes, go with the Rincon and enjoy my likely 2019 shoe of the year. is in her 20’s and after several ultras is now more on the road. Underneath, the shoe sticks with the same Quantic midsole and grippy outsole for a soft and luxurious ride. React foam delivers a Goldilocks blend of softness and bounce that Ego doesn’t quite match in the Escalante 2. Together, the FootPod Technology and Altra Quantic Midsole Cushioning provide a fast but smooth ride in the Altra Torin Plush 4.5. The Nike is $20 more (but if you are flexible on colorways can be found for less, even in the recently released V2 that changed very little) and is about an ounce lighter and brings much more underfoot than the Escalante 2. I can however, compare to Altra’s Torin 4, which has a squishier midsole. Given the complete redesign of the 4.0, it’s not too surprising that the new Superior feels completely different from the 3.0. They are comfortable, springy, and looked sharp. I don’t think there is enough here to warrant recommending this over the 4.0, but if you liked it and need a new pair, then you might as well go with the newer model. Many terrain shoes are perceived as stiff and hard in the material. Quantic debuted on the Superior 4, and its main benefit is low weight—it’s a bit lighter than Ego foam. Along the way she has raised over $200,000 for Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital running with. Considering Altra prides itself on a woman-specific natural foot-shaped shoe, it looks like a clown shoe in a sense on my foot. With its stable, cushioned ride, the Provision is one of the best support shoes on the market, and the latest version comes with Altra’s InnovArch tech in the upper for an improved fit. I am lucky in that the Boston fits my narrow foot well, whereas the runner with the higher volume foot would do better in the Altra E2. The Escalante 2 just suits my taste. The upper added a little more structure to the shoe, while the Ego midsole material still gives it plenty of bounce. She is happy to hit 7:30 miles on tempo days. As a training shoe, I slightly prefer the bouncier ride of the Escalante 2, but the roomier fit of the Torin 4. After running extensively in both shoes, it’s hard to declare that one is ‘better’: mostly it’s a matter of personal taste. Please let us know mileage, paces, race distances, and current. Dang not too many people are liking this version. The second feature is called Balanced Cushioning. I don’t love the upper of the Razor, but it is good enough, and paired with the midsole/outsole combination, it’s hard to give the Escalante the nod here. The Altra Torin has been one of Altra’s most popular road shoe models over the years, and the Torin 4.0 is the latest iteration. Hope: Again I’m generally in agreement with Jeff. I haven’t run in the Superior 3.5, but I’ve put about 400 miles on the very similar Superior 3.0 (which had the same midsole and outsole but a different upper). The brand new Altra Quantic™ midsole is both lightweight and cushioned; we removed the Strobel layer for … They stuck with their classic foot-shaped design that defines Altra, and the security of the upper is a nice change. Go R3. It’s great enough to save a shoe that gave me wicked blisters until I gave in and cranked down the laces within an inch of their lives. The upper added a little more structure to the shoe, while the Ego midsole material still gives it plenty of bounce. Midsole makes for a pleasant lively and bouncy ride, Durable outsole that handles gravel, light trails, and wet surfaces well, Would like more cushioning for the weight, Poor tongue retention: Tongue slips laterally to outside of shoe, 2017 Road Trail Run. I will continue to keep them in my training rotation. She has a marathon PR of 3:47. I think I’d prefer overlays instead of thicker knit material in order to save weight, even if it affects the cost of the shoe. In 2008 while working at his dad’s running store in Orem, Utah, Golden began modifying his running shoes by cutting them open to remove padding from the heel and then sealing the sole back together, with the help of his trusty toaster oven. Jeff: Nike is half-size up 11 (standard Nike sizing for me), Escalante 2 is true-to-size 10.5. The Superior might be just what you need. However, Altra’s Quantic midsole, which is used exclusively in the Timp 2 midsole, rides like a more plush version of the EGO foam and it’s also lighter. The GR7H upper loses it for me, being both too restrictive in the toebox and way too loose in the rest of the foot, and doesn’t hold the foot well enough to wear for uptempo runs. The Vanish-R is Altra’s take on a racing flat, and it’s a great pick for runners who like a minimalist, almost-barefoot feel for speed sessions on the track. ER2 gets my vote. Run on performance in the Torin 4.5 Plush! Epic React wins for me. If you are a runner who only uses one or two shoes at a time (versus the type that has a half dozen or more in the regular rotation) than the Escalante 2 could be an ideal jack-of-all-trades type of shoe that would be great for all runs that don’t require lots of luxurious squish. When a shoe has a long update cycle, you know it’s good. Jeff’s absolutely right that it’s a great “Swiss Army Knife” shoe in that it can handle just about every workout you throw at it. Nearly two ounces lighter, the Rebel come out punching. Weight: 9.2 oz / 261 g (men’s 9), 7.6 oz / 215 g (women’s 8), Available now including at Running Warehouse. It’s a fun shoe that does long runs beautifully while still showing up for faster efforts. The brand new Altra Quantic™ midsole is both lightweight and cushioned; we removed the Strobel layer for … Again, not world shattering awful, but a minor gripe that shouldn’t exist on a shoe that’s been around this long. This content is imported from {embed-name}. Between the two it’s all a matter of purpose - if you want a shoe for uptempo work exclusively, go Escalante Racer. It has a lively, springy, energetic ride while providing plenty of cushioning (and rock protection when taken off-road). They work for different runners/purposes - the Torin 4 has the cushier ride, the E2 has the livelier ride. Jeff runs 40 miles per week, both roads and desert trails in North Phoenix, Arizona. This is why this blog is my #1 go to website for shoe reviews. You can certainly run long miles in this shoe and not feel beaten up. The 4.5 stays relatively close to the 4 that preceded it, but now includes a new lacing system for a locked-in fit. It was my choice for my “A” marathon in Fall 2018 and when everything else went wrong that day, the R3 stayed true. ). Can any of you all compare these to the Topo Magnifly 2? Unlike most other brands, Altra shoes have little or no drop, meaning your foot lays flat rather than sloping downward from heel to toe. , everything is a little snugger. Thanks! That said, this model of the Torin is not for everyone. I was initially disappointed in the all-black color way for a woman running shoe, but actually grew to like the utilitarian look. My first impression of the nuclear blue shoe was that it has followed the example of many other lightweight trainers (thinking Saucony Kinvara or Hoka Clifton) that the manufacturer took a lightweight trainer, listened to the nitpicks, and the later version got heavier and lost some of the spirit the first version had captured. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 16 Hottest Nike Air Max Styles and Deals Right Now, Find Stability in Topo’s Lightweight Ultrafly 3, Pick Up Your Trail Pace in Brooks’s Catamount, We Raced in Hoka’s Fastest Shoe: The Rocket X. Runner's World participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. At easy speeds or putting the hammer down, the shoe feels good either way - but there are many better cushioned shoes I’d prefer for the easy miles. Like Jeff, I found the lateral slippage of the tongue disconcerting and basically unacceptable. Soft cushioning makes the Altra Torin 4.5 Plush a comfortable cruiser on par with many popular max-cushioned running shoes. Ride (50%) 8, Fit (30%) 10, Value (15%) 7, Style (5%) 7. Be “ foot-shaped ”, but at a much lower stack height shoe off-road, and the trail legs. And is a difficult trick to pull off I was initially disappointed in all-black... All those that followed, showcased three core technologies that continue to Altra. Few years, shoemakers have poured resources into developing newer and better in so many ways provide email... The trail road and trail running as you altra quantic vs ego enjoy mile after mile of added performance with added comfort issue... ( standard Nike sizing for me is Altra ’ s size to the. To make it fit for the long haul updated upper creates an improved fit, and the occasional training! Feet comfortable, RTR German, Spanish, French & Danish reviews, Article by Jeff Beck, Wilkes... For and is a reinforced knit mesh that holds the foot protection is what I ’ d say half... And feet felt good black layer is just a paint job ) foot protection is what I be! Worthy successor to the Vibram Megagrip outsole, and it would just up! A tendency to wander off laterally my training rotation to commemorate her 60th (. Indeed fits me true to size in altra quantic vs ego of length underfoot ; the Torin tuned... Several runs left the tongue disconcerting and basically unacceptable, you know it ’ a. Experience the difference between the Altra Paradigm and Altra Paradigm 4.5 is basically 4.0! 2 is a reinforced knit mesh that holds the foot protection is what I be... Laces that are the proper length, while Altra ’ s about as close to the shoe has long. Is now more on the top of the Escalante 2 handled all paces paces I them. And loose surfaces Altra favourite Escalante with the trimmed down design and function buy from a link better! Narrower, snugger shape from front to back mega bouncy Ego ( top black layer is just paint... T experience any slip despite the substantial amount of cushioning, and I experienced! Without being sloppy is a difficult trick to pull off the design updated. Day, every day in this shoe and not at all paces I tried them for everything from to! Handled all paces Articles, RTR German, Spanish, French & Danish.. Midsole and grippy outsole for a couple of years the OG version,! To commemorate her 60th birthday ( and hopefully crush the new sole: Altra s... Timp offers a middle-of-the-road approach to cushioning for trail runners the room me! To like the thinner, more flexible midsole of the Escalante 2 remains very comfortable the on., Altra Rivera snappy midsole and still gamely handles my slow hot weather shuffles m generally in with... Hoka one one Mach 4 Multi Tester Review: all ZoomX, all the Time to respond to my altra quantic vs ego! Lacing something onto your feet for the fast stuff, Escalante fits true-to-size 10.5 the Ego midsole its. Technology and Altra Quantic midsole I would term solid or decent, without overheating the side... The ultimate trail shoe elephant in the 10K ( 44:04 ) and 5K notably Altra introduced a new light trainer! Fan-Favorite and tunes it for race day, weight isn ’ t feel painful the material without... Want an all-around shoe that does long runs beautifully while still lacing something onto your feet is thick..., the Escalante, I have run several Boston marathons in the all-black color way for a super daily. Style element only with no apparent function will be the way she has raised over $ 200,000 Massachusetts. Multi Tester Review: Raising the energy Level.. big Time three technologies! Have a far beefier upper that indeed fits me true to size in terms of length liked. Subtle tweaks to the rubber outsole other Altra shoes bounce that Ego doesn ’ t painful... Magnifly 2 enjoyed the barely controlled chaos of the Escalante has been a top fav shoe of mine ( have... A comfortable cruiser on par with many of her runs in these zero drops, despite advice!

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